Friday, August 7, 2020

#BingeWatchTheFuture Star Trek Lower Decks (Review and Reaction w/ minor spoilers)


Star Trek Lower Decks

Season 1, Episode 1: "Second Contact"

 (Review and Reaction w/ minor spoilers)

I'm about to live tweet this biznatch.
Yes there are spoilers / #spoilers nothing major tho.
Going into this I've seen the trailer.
I know it is by fans for fans.
I love the attention to detail.
#RomulanWhisky, I want some of this.
The intro was a homerun. Perfect homage to all the previous shows.

My wife and I both laughed hard at the ship pulling a hard NOPE at the space battle.
Well done Mike McMahan. You are my new spirit animal.
#HotBanana random.
I dig Orions. I was really glad they made one of the leads one as well.
The high resolution diagram of the ship must be a jpg of it somewhere on the interwebs. (No luck yet)
Beds like on a submarine, nice touch.
They aren't afraid to show a little skin on the holodeck.
I knew that mosquito would be trouble.

Can someone please tell me who this guy is? He wasn't in the main cast.
Its probably on Memory Alpha, they know everything about Star Trek, (a digital version of my brain).

California Class starship. Thus badass tattered California flag in the Captain's ready room.
Man there is gonna be a shit ton of cameos on this show.
Now a weird B plot on an away mission.
The suckle was gross and unnecessary. I liked the throw back to his #SafePlace.
Love the Nemesis Argo.
Looks like a Walking Dead inspired scene. #coronavirus is Dr Fauci our cat Doctor?
Big plot twist! Love the Admiral. For once not a Bad Admiral.
Dropped about a dozen namedrop references at the end.

Well done. 

MVC (Most Valuable Crewmember): Doctor T'Ana, for curing the zombie outbreak.

The Andy Awards: 8.5 out of 10. Excellent pilot, lots of great references. I can't wait for next week!


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